Developing Security Strategy

You wouldn’t expect to be successful in business if you didn’t have the right business strategy and the same is true of your security.

The team at HSS know from their vast experience that criminals don’t think and operate in artificial silos, they don’t think of themselves as restricted to operating in the cyber environment. Instead they will probe and test your security measures looking for the weaknesses wherever they are; testing your cyber protection in tandem with your other physical and personal security defences. They want your most precious data and they will do whatever they can to get it. Your approach to security has to reflect this and our team at HSS will help you to develop defences across every area of your business to give you the strongest possible protection.

Develop a Holistic Security Strategy

The team here at HSS are experienced in developing security strategy across both the private and public sector. Our team of experts will work with clients to develop, review and refresh your security strategy and our personal approach will ensure clients get a bespoke strategy that really reflects your individual needs, aligning with organisational and business goals. The team at HSS have a proven track record in developing strategies that deliver tangible and measurable improvements across a variety of different organisations and we would be delighted to work with you to develop genuinely pragmatic ways to enhance your whole security maturity.

Create an effective Operating Model

In order to maximise the success of any strategy it’s essential to create the right operating model to underpin and support your day to day activities. The HSS team with their years of practical experience in all forms of security will work with clients to develop a model that is both pragmatic and specific to your own very particular needs. We will ensure it encompasses all the different aspects of your business that will be needed to deliver truly tangible security improvements; Governance, People, Processes and Technologies, including where appropriate both your internal and your external partners.

Strategic Problem Solving

From time to time you and your business will face unexpected, unplanned or ad hoc challenges that will really test your security defences. At those times the experience and expertise of HSS could be essential in helping you through that challenge while still keeping your business and your customers safe. These may include a cyber or other criminal attack, even a major business change, the introduction of new regulations or legislation or any type of major incident. We are confident at HSS that between us all, there are no circumstances that we will not have seen and dealt with before. Please call us at these testing times and see what we can do to support you through any challenge.