Executive Protection

You and your senior executives are the greatest assets your business will have

We know that criminals have also worked this out and are regularly targeting senior individuals through a wide variety of physical and virtual attacks.

The team at HSS have access to a huge range of security expertise providing you and your business with all the skills needed to protect your top execs in both the physical and the virtual worlds. So please speak to the team about the different services we can offer and find out how these can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our experienced practitioners will complete a full review of all your existing protection arrangements and work with you to develop holistic security plans to cover all of your protection needs. We can arrange specialist teams to test and assess you electronic-footprint including testing for any compromise to your current communication devices, detecting any eavesdropping devices planted in or around your property and investigating all your executives online and social media presence to highlight any areas you and they may not be aware of.

We can arrange specialist teams to work with you or your executives to offer bespoke close protection services during periods of heightening risk and when working or traveling in different locations across the world.

In addition, our highly experienced team of security professionals can also work with you and your business to help develop comprehensive overarching security plans for any high profile events you are organising, such as concerts, sporting events, high profile conferences and corporate get together of all types.

Please contact the team to discuss your needs and to get a full list of the protection services we can arrange for you.