Independent Expert Assurance Reviews

With the remarkable pace of change in the security environment and the sheer scale of the threat individuals and companies are now facing its vital for us all to get some independent assurance of our current security defences. Whatever the size of your business it’s always important to validate your approach and current model by having completely independent outside expertise undertake that assessment. The vastly experienced team of specialists at HSS work together to offer a variety of services to help give you this reassurance.

Current State Assessment

Because the team at HSS are all specialists in different areas of individual and company security they are able to work as a team to undertake the most thorough and detailed review of all aspects of your security. Additionally, because of the experience and successes of our Chief Security Officer and CISO team coming from a variety of businesses and different organisational backgrounds, we are also able to assess and describe how all these different defences should operate and work together to get a truly holistic assessment of your overall security effectiveness. Whether you use us to review your entire operating model or just specific areas of your model we can guarantee that our independent assurance service will absolutely fit your individual needs.

Programme Assurance

The successful delivery of Organisational Change Programmes is essential for businesses of every size in keeping vital security defences up to date with the quite remarkable rate of change we now see in the cyber threat environment. The team at HSS have a proven track record in successfully delivering multi million pound Security Change Programmes across a range of different businesses and organisations. We can work with you and your business to assurance review individual projects that may be proving challenging for your business or we can undertake comprehensive reviews of whole programmes, ensuring that all the individual aspects are working in harmony and that the programme is delivering effective and embedded new controls that are actually improving your overall defences.

Internal Audit

An effective programme of internal audits is essential in continually reviewing and improving your overall security posture. However here at HSS we realise that not all businesses have the necessary skills or indeed the time needed to undertake these audits themselves. Using the variety of security expertise we have available we will work with you to plan an audit programme that is both pragmatic and bespoke to your specific business needs. We will scope and define each individual security audit with you and of course our experts are able to come into your business to undertake these audits on your behalf. We will deliver detailed and understandable reports of any vulnerabilities we have detected. Along with a list of recommended improvements realistic to your particular business requirements.