Supply Chain Support

Security debates have recently started to move away from discussions about direct attacks to now thinking more about indirect attacks targeting a company’s supply chain or other third party relationships.

The most up to date thinking has moved to talk about the inevitability of these types of attack and the conversation is not about if a breach will happen, but when! There have been countless examples of costly breaches resulting from the security vulnerabilities of third parties and this has created a substantial risk to every organisation, no matter the size or complexity of the business. Supply chain security is now recognised as vital to an organisations overall security and the experienced team at HSS offer a range of services to help you manage this effectively.

Procurement Support

The team at HSS have successfully managed multi-million pound security programmes across the private and public sector over many years and have considerable experience in managing the procurement of both security technologies and the necessary expertise to implement these effectively. We have proven expertise in embedding complex projects, as well as comprehensive security programmes, into organisations security architecture, ensuring that the procurement process delivers not just the right technologies, but that these technologies work seamlessly within your existing structures and operations. Traditionally we have seen that security functions have lacked the necessary confidence and familiarity with the procurement process to embed these programmes effectively and as such the team at HSS are available to support your business throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Vendor Management

Whenever a new vendor is on-boarded into your company it’s vital to maintain the performance of that relationship. The team at HSS offer a variety of options to support you in managing the service delivery you get from vendors. We can help you develop an effective vendor management structure, from introducing robust new mechanisms and processes in order to monitor, assess and report on ongoing performance right through to offering a complete managed service. All ensuring you have the necessary pragmatic processes in place to help manage your third-party security risks.

Small Business Support and Advice

Large businesses often spend significant sums on their security structures and defences, buying in dedicated expertise to run their security teams and give the most up to date advice to their Board. HSS realise this isn’t always practical for smaller businesses and individuals so we have developed a service where you can buy in that very same level of specialist expertise, but just for the time you need it. All of the team here at HSS have achieved success working in large and complex organisations across both the private and public sectors. Our mix of specialist expertise is available to work with you and your business on bespoke projects or to help overcome any specific challenges you may be experiencing. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor this service to exactly your needs, giving you access to extremely experienced security experts and to the most to date security advice at a time and in a fashion that best suits your own needs.