Training and Awareness Programmes

Thanks to the diversity of the team we have here at HSS we are able to offer a wide variety of training courses as well as our more comprehensive training programmes, covering a broad range of security issues.

Our Cyber-protection courses; It’s a fascinating fact that over the last few years the sophistication of the malware we have seen being used has risen considerably, however, the methods used to deliver this malware have hardly changed at all. The reason for this is simple, why would criminals change something that continues to work so well, after all over 90% of criminal breaches still start with a phishing attack. HSS offers the most up to date training for individuals and for Companies in all forms of cyber protection and all delivered by current cyber experts. From the basics of what good cyber hygiene looks like through to undertaking a company-wide Training Needs Analysis for you and delivering company-wide security programmes. Make sure you are prepared. After all, you and your colleagues are the front line in the fight against cybercrime so make sure you have the most up to date training available.

Physical; We are also now able to offer training courses in a range of physical security scenarios. Including developing effective security practices for protecting individuals, protecting businesses and protecting your buildings. These courses are delivered by highly experienced industry practitioners and will include the most up to date input on how to prepare for and react to major incidents, including potential terrorist incidents.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, we will be very happy to tailor a package to suit your own individual needs.